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Introduction of Shenzhen Concert Hall

Shenzhen Concert Hall is a cultural facility in Shenzhen landmark which is located in Futian District convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities around the various services. It is north of the beautiful scenery of the Lotus Hill south of the Shenzhen Municipal Government covers an area of about 26,345 square meters, construction area of about 41,423 square meters, by the internationally renowned architectural profession famous Japanese architect Arata Isozaki presided over the design. Its elegant and unique architectural style exterior walls using  Huang Hongqing white and black  colored contains the symbol of the five elements of traditional Chinese philosophy, fully integrate Eastern and Western cultural flavor.

Recital hall

Recital hall was terraced valleys the stage for the island mainly for the symphony with a total area of 2323 square meters. Stage area of 251 square meters 21 meters wide proscenium 16 meters deep for four orchestras and compiled more than 200 Mixed Choir same stage. Bandstand by the fixed stage and 36 lifts plates, according to various musical instruments with orchestra placement requirements the stage may be different platen lift height to meet the orchestra played the hierarchical ladder and large choir arrangement needs.

Hall auditorium with 1680 it is worth mentioning that the spacing between the seats are spacious and comfortable designed for 1.05m. Another 60 VIP seats spaced more rare 1.3 meters designed to make the audience enjoy the show at the same time a great physical and mental relaxation.

Recital hall building acoustics designed by Japanese Nagata Acoustics reverberation time is designed to 1.8-2.0 seconds. Distribution of the audience seats are inclined reflective wall enclosed sound board with top anti achieve the perfect combination of natural sound. Hall with acoustic based, but in order to meet demand for other types of performances specially designed by internationally renowned experts in the auxiliary sound electro-acoustic system.

Hall organ by a 150 -year-old Austrian Rieger pipe organ factory special features 86 fret 6432 sound tube. Piano body shape by the organist designers and architects tailored specifically for Shenzhen Concert Hall.

Little Theatre

Little Theatre is located above the entrance hall audience is 14.4 meters above the ground hanging performance hall with a total area of 629 square meters. Is divided into three small theater auditorium stage by the 20 lifts and two -car turntable composition, design of projecting varied type, maximum area of up to 169 square meters of which movable stage area 112 m2 . A small theater for all types of music and other kinds of art.